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Mechanical Concrete® is

The Pothole


Our mission is to provide a long-lasting, rugged, and strong foundation that prevents potholes, installs quickly, and protects equipment and the environment.

We  Prevent


Century Cylinders are fabricated from recycled scrap tires to form a strong contained column that eliminates surface cracks, ruts, and potholes

Guadalupe County Texas Road constructed with Mechanical Concrete in 2014. No potholes and maintenance after 9 years.


Mechanical Concrete, the Pothole Terminator

Safe, pothole-free, surfaces require a strong and durable foundation. Mechanical Concrete® is strong and long-lasting, but relatively inexpensive and quick to install, even in wet and difficult locations.

Our Mechanical Concrete®  installation is a three-dimensional geocell structure. It covers the subgrade and interlocks in a honeycomb grid.  The cylinders are filled with aggregate such as crushed rock, reclaimed concrete, or gravel to form a cellular confinement system.

Mechanical Concrete® prevents lateral movement of the foundation, thus avoiding base deformations that lead to potholes.  Century Cylinders are fabricated from recycled scrap tires to form a strong contained column that eliminates surface cracks, ruts, and potholes.

Award Winning, Economical, Green, Industrial Strength, Construction Technology

Mechanical Concrete® is a geocell aggregate confinement technology. It was selected by the American Society of Civil Engineers, ASCE, as the 2016 Most Feasible Green Engineering idea in its Infrastructure Grand Challenge Innovation Contest. It confines all types of aggregate materials in a free standing, self-supporting steel geo-cylinder, similar to a single geocell. Mechanical Concrete® geocells offer a quantum leap in strength, scalability and economy for crushed stone and aggregate materials confinement systems. Its geocell is manufactured by removing both sidewalls from a waste auto tire. The geoell is low cost and high-strength, an unbeatable combination. Reusing one of society’s most important, high-quality industrial products makes it green to the core. Mechanical Concrete® confinement technology is a strong, economical, tested and proven product for construction and maintenance of:

Road and highway bases and shoulders

Retaining wall facing

Bridge abutments

Slope and channel erosion protection

Many other engineered construction applications

Century Cylinders — A Breakthrough in Aggregate Confinement Technology

With over 10 years of research, development and applications; award winning Mechanical Concrete® is a major breakthrough in aggregate confinement technology.  It steps beyond other tire and cellular confinement systems to create a simpler, stronger, more economical system for confining and strengthening granular soils, crushed stone and other new and recycled aggregate materials.

The result is Mechanical Concrete®, a U.S. and Canadian patent-protected, geocell confinement system.  It has more uses and better performance qualities than other confinement techniques, and it offers greater strength and durability and less cost, plus construction simplicity.

Mechanical Concrete

improves overall infrastructure, reduces maintenance costs, and provides great environmental benefits by safely recycling scrap tires.

Century Road Solutions

provides complete support for the design and installation of Mechanical Concrete.

Century Road Solutions is a subsidiary of Total Tire Recycling, a Texas corporation in Houston, TX.
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